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"Bad idea/God bless the child" by Doris Cellar.

A personal favourite! <3

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"Flashing lights" by Doris Cellar

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Lyrics to “Up on the roof” by Doris Cellar 

Here you can find the lyrics for Doris Cellar’s album “Up on the roof”.

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Windows, by Doris Cellar 

Also, enjoy these 3 new tracks, recently released! ;)

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Up On The Roof, by Doris Cellar 

You can enjoy Doris’ music on her bandcamp!

Keep enjoying her music until we get her solo album! :D

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Freelance Whales - Enzymes

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Ghosting || Freelance Whales

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“Dig Into Waves” is a new single from Freelance Whales upcoming sophomore LP Diluvia, out next week on Mom+Pop.

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Freelance Whales - “Spitting Image”

With the amazing lead of the wonderful Doris Cellar

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Freelance Whales l Broken Horse

You sprinted away, sprinted away,
To where I don’t know.
God’s moving in your bloodstream,
Where the cross beats aren’t so slow.

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